Hokey Pokey

The vast expanse of ocean off the West Coast of New Zealand swallows the sun at the end of the day. The black sands cool, the light softens as night comes calling. While we felt alone the delightful calls of nearby Keas assured us that we weren’t. I had some samples for us to try. ’By Hokey they’re great’ they said. ‘ By Hokey Pokey you’re right!’ I confirmed and immediately wished I was as smooth as the delicious tasting Hokey Pokey. As the cookie melted in my mouth the Keas were circling, which we took as the seal of approval for the deliciousness of the Kea Hokey Pokey cookie.

Since 1988 Kea Cookies have been baked for you right here in New Zealand. We are constantly working to bring the great taste of our traditional homestyle recipe to you. This classic tasting cookie is gluten, wheat, dairy, and egg free and, like the Kea, is a native of New Zealand.

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