The sun was rising and sending shafts of light across the plains, gradually lighting the patchwork of fields that stretched as far as we could see. Inquisitive Keas were circling, interested in whether we had any food. We had the first batch of Gingernuts with us, which had provoked interest from our feathered friends. ‘Great dunkability’ I confirmed as I removed the Gingernut from the steaming mug of tea. As the fire and brimstone of the Gingernut settled on my palate and the Keas soared above us we saw a group of redheads walking our way, which we took as the seal of approval for the Kea Gingernut cookie.

Since 1988 Kea Cookies have been baked for you right here in New Zealand. We are constantly working to bring the great taste of our traditional homestyle recipe to you. Gingernuts are gluten, wheat, dairy, and egg free and packed with fiery spices for a true Gingernut taste.

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