About Kea Cookies

Kea Cookies is a family business jointly owned and operated by Andrew Hardie and John Xanthopol.

At Kea Cookies we batch-bake premium great-tasting gluten, wheat, dairy and egg free cookies, which have been baked for over 30 years. The company is based in a bright airy commercial space centrally located in St Johns, Auckland.

Over the years since Kea Cookies began baking there has been more awareness of allergies and we have baked cookies for people with food intolerances. Our ranges are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

We have a range of 10 gluten, wheat, dairy and egg free cookies available in 250g packs in the following varieties:

Chocolate Chip; Double Choc Chip; Macadamia; Vanilla; Hokey Pokey; Gingernut; Almond; Peanut Brownies, Lemon Coconut and Coconut.

We also have Organic Chocolate, Organic Peanut Brownie and Organic Lemon Coconut cookies that are gluten, wheat, dairy and egg free, also suitable for vegans.

We are stocked in health food stores and grocery stores throughout New Zealand. Check out our stockists page here.

We are audited annually for our food safety programme and have  current valid certification. All suppliers to Kea Cookies have relevant food safety programmes and certification.

And most of all our customers tell us that Kea Cookies taste great and they love the texture! They often comment the packaging is attractive and fun. We hope you enjoy, any feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Kea Bird Characteristics

Kea are attracted to people wherever they enter the mountain domain. The endangered kea is the world’s only alpine parrot, and one of the most intelligent birds in the world named ‘the clever clown of the alps’. They are only found in the mountains of the South Island of New Zealand.  The birds provide both new threats and opportunities. Kea are well recognised in New Zealand being distinctive and persistent in nature, they are not confused with other birds.

The kea bird has adapted over time just as food culture in New Zealand has. They were not always understood to be the spirited bird they are known as today. Just like food trends and lifestyle changes of today have become more normalised and evolved to get to where they are. The kea is a strong mascot which brings relatable qualities and values to the company. The bird is a New Zealand icon and is fundamental to Kea Cookies as a New Zealand business for all people of New Zealand. One way to describe the bird is novelty-seeking; they love adventure and exploring new and exciting areas. Kea is determined to bring the best of what they do.